SNITTS och ASTP Proton inleder ett närmare samarbete


Under nästa år kommer SNITTS att fokusera på internationalisering och ett breddat kompetensutvecklingsutbud för individer på olika nivåer och roller. Ett steg i detta är att inleda ett närmare samarbete med våra vänner i ASTP Proton. Vi vill både förenkla för våra medlemmar att delta vid ASTP Protons aktiviteter men även skapa gemensamma kompetensutvecklingsaktiviteter tillsammans med dem. Läs nedan en hälsning från ASTP-Protons General Manager, Laura MacDonald.

ASTP-Proton is the leading European members’ association for individuals involved in knowledge transfer between industry and academia. We are delighted that the Swedish technology transfer community has several members in our active community, sharing experiences and best practices directly with colleagues from across Europe. It was a great honour for us to participate in your annual conference in Stockholm on 22nd September, 2017, sharing experiences around the power of networking, and meeting many great people.

SNITTS members who join ASTP-Proton will benefit from preferential rates in attending training courses and conferences as well as the opportunity to become active in the Special Interest Groups, looking at different issues arising in the knowledge transfer landscape. We look forward to developing and delivering joint training events of particular relevance to the Swedish community, bringing international expertise to your doorstep.

In addition, being represented through SNITTS in our National Association Advisory Committee (NAAC) means that Swedish delegates are able to share experiences with other national associations as well as interacting directly with the Board of ASTP-Proton, raising awareness of issues of particular interest.

Ultimately the goal of our ASTP-Proton community is for individual members to enhance their skills, for national associations to harness great tools and networks and for the entire community to build strong relationships across the whole innovation ecosystem including industry and the European Commission. ASTP-Proton looks forward to a dynamic engagement with the Swedish ecosystem, to maximise the impact of innovation arising from the research communities.

Laura MacDonald

General Manager, ASTP-Proton, Stationsweg 28a, 2312AV Leiden, The Netherlands

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