En hälsning från Phyllis Speser

ThomasSNITTS Bloggen


Dear Colleagues,

I wanted to thank everyone for the opportunity  to participate in this year’s SNITTS conference. I was blown away by the quality of the presentations and informal conversations I had.

We are in a period of major change in our profession globally and to have been with so many smart people of good will gives me hope for our collective future. I am convinced that SNITTS will play an important role in the transformation of innovation and technology transfer globally as well as in Sweden. I urge you all to be active in your association so it can help you attain your goals in your institutions and country. That sets the bar higher for those of us in other countries, something we all need. When we speak with one voice through our professional societies, our university senior managers and elected officials listen.

For those whom I had time to chat with, I look forward to continuing the fascinating and important dialogues about metrics, social responsibility, and/or the nuts and bolts of our work. For those I unfortunately did not spend time with, I hope we can use the magic of the internet to communicate. For all, I would be honored if you would think of me when you are looking for a sounding board, someone to toss ideas around with, or feel the need for a mentor, coach, trainer, or just a friend to listen and be supportive.

Finally, please remember I am always looking to in-license  innovation solutions to real problems in rural areas around the world and ones that will make rural communities more sustainable and economically viable. If your institution has relevant technologies that are not moving to market by other means, please keep me in mind. I am interested in socially responsible inventions and innovations regardless of their maturity or field.