ASTP Technology Licensing

SEP 18-20 2024

Bologna, Italy



Denna kurs anordnas av vår samarbetspartner ASTP och är en del i  vårt utbildningspaket inom Licensiering.

Om du även deltar vid första steget i utbildningspaketet (
Context to Licensing) erbjuder ASTP 20 % rabatt på ordinarie medlemspris för denna utbildning. Priset blir då: 1 030 EUR. Denna utbildning ingår inte i de förköpta deltagarplatser som några av våra samarbetsorganisationer har i sina avtal.

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Why join this course?

IP Licensing is an inherent part of every knowledge transfer role, whether structuring collaboration agreements (with embedded licenses) or strictly licensing to a business (or start-up) that wants to invest in and commercialise a technology for you. The process is not complex on the surface but there’s devil is in the detail and stakes are huge, with agreements can stretch years into the future. It is so easy to get it wrong; enabling licensees to wriggle out of paying royalties or by setting the wrong incentives up front.

In this highly interactive course, we will explore the entire licensing lifecycle; from the moment you apply for a patent (when the clock starts ticking) to the point where the first royalties (should) roll in. Along the way learn about technology marketing, due diligence, structuring license agreements, negotiation process, disputes and licensee auditing. Along the way you will become familiar with License Agreements. By using real cases to illustrate issues and recruiting seasoned practitioners and experienced professionals who have negotiated many complex license agreements - and seen them go wrong, you will be trained by the experts.

Who should attend?

This course targets knowledge transfer professionals in universities and PROs,  particularly those whose role includes dealing with IP rights. 

Attendees are expected to have some experience in negotiating license terms, enough for you to recognise when you are out-of-your-depth and may be getting things wrong,  in which case you will get far more out of the scenarios and experts that we have assembled for the course.