Ny ATTP rapport: Global Commercialisation Metrics Benchmark Report

Tidigare i veckan släppte ATTP en ny rapport som tillhandahåller jämförande benchmarking av global forsknings- och kommersialiserings statistik. Rapporten är inte heltäckande men den är representativ för de vanligaste mätvärdena i de länder som ingår i rapporten. Syftet med rapporten är att hjälpa regeringar i utvecklingen av forsknings- och innovationspolitik.

Ladda ner rapporten här: ATTP Global Commercialisation Metrics Benchmark Report

ATTP, the global alliance of leading national professional bodies for Technology Transfer, Knowledge Exchange and Research Commercialisation, has released a new report providing comparative benchmarking of global research commercialisation metrics.

The ATTP report allows for rapid assessment of research commercialisation performance and enables data and evidence-based decision making when considering research innovation policy.

Chair of ATTP, Dr. Tim Boyle states, “The lack of quantitative benchmarking of international (research commercialisation) performance has resulted in some nations using whole-of-economy data to subjectively inform research innovation policy.”

“A recurring theme, directed at several of the ATTP alliance members, is criticism of the performance of research commercialisation.”, said Boyle, “By releasing the data in this report we hope that we can raise the bar of research innovation policy throughout the world.”

The report comes at a critical time as the world starts to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Given the current unprecedented circumstances, there has never been a better time to be involved in the research commercialisation profession. Our industry plays a key role in getting the intellectual property from our research labs into the hands of industry. This technology transfer results in new products, services, and jobs that will lead us out of the pandemic and drive economic recovery.”



About ATTP

ATTP – (The Alliance of Technology Transfer Professionals) is the global professional body for Research Commercialisation, Knowledge Exchange, and Technology Transfer. Representing over 20,000 individuals through an alliance of 14 international peak professional associations comprising of ASTP, AUTM, KCA, PraxisAuril, Redtransfer, SNITTS, SARIMA, STEM, TransferAllianz, UNITT, ÜSİMP, ITMA, ISTA, and Netval. ATTP is the custodian of the definition of the profession and confers the world recognised Registered Technology Transfer Professional (RTTP) designation. The RTTP credential is the only global standard recognising Technology Transfer/Knowledge Exchange/Research Commercialisation practice. www.attp.info

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