Bidra till ASTPs European Annual Survey on Knowledge Transfer activities and outputs (FY2021)

Var med och bidra till ASTPs årliga enkät som samlar in data  kring Knowledge Transfer aktiviteter och outputs från hela Europa. Enkäten är öppen till måndag 27 mars 2023.

ASTP Annual Survey är en unik möjlighet att ge en representativ bild av de outcomes och aktiviteter som sker på Europeiska Knowledge Transfer Offices (KTO:er). Förra året svarade totalt 512 KTO:er från 27 länder på undersökningen, vilket återigen slog tidigare rekord. Se rapporten från förra året

How to participate in this survey?
Data are to be submitted online following this link: ASTP-Survey-on-KT-Activities-FY2021-login

Without log in details, you can access the survey here: ASTP-Survey-on-KT-Activities-FY2021-withoutlogin

Prepare data in advance
Download the survey questionnaire in pdf to view the questions and prepare the data in advance before beginning the survey online. Data must only be submitted online via the link provided above.

Why participate in this survey?
With the overview and benchmarking information that this Europe-wide survey and resulting report provides, a KT office will be able to compare their activities and output to their European peers and influence their institutional, national and European knowledge and technology transfer (or even research) funding strategies.

Will the submitted data be publicly available?
All data provided will be solely handled by the Survey Committee Members with special care, the ASTP Survey Report will only provide anonymous and aggregate figures. We will not publish data that can be traced to any individual organisation.

Do you need any assistance?
For any matters concerning the survey, please do not hesitate to contact us at or  Arlyta at


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